Expanding the capabilities of a widely used automotive software platform


Me, the talented development crew at RideStyler

My role

Product Design, Brand, Strategy




RideStyler is a SaaS platform that offers turnkey and custom products and services to aftermarket automotive companies. Many leading manufacturers, distributors, and retailers rely on RideStyler to power their B2C websites and apps. In 2020 RideStyler wanted to expand their e-commerce functionality and improve the user experience.

As the designer for this project I was responsible for the creative direction and designing user flows, wireframes, prototypes, and mockups. I collaborated with the stakeholders and product team at Ridestyler to design a more capable and user-friendly e-commerce experience.

The challenge

The high level goals of this project were to:

  • Make mobile a priority — The experience needed to work well on mobile devices, where the majority of visits took place
  • Make it easier to find the right products — Customers needed to be able to easily find products to not only match their style, but also fit their vehicle
  • Support product bundling — Presenting complimentary products in the right way could help users find the right products and help to increase average order value
  • Include new features — Additional payment options would increase user choice and dynamic features could help businesses promote product and marketing information

The process

The first step was to map out a user flow to accommodate the new features and present them in a complete e-commerce flow. This involved analyzing the current RideStyler product and having conversations with stakeholders and RideStyler developers to understand the capabilities and limitations of the platform. Based on this information, I created the following flow diagram that was reviewed with the product team:

New user flow diagram highlighting the key user journeys

Based on the new user flow, wireframes were created to get a feel for the new design in context. We spent some time iterating on the wireframes to get the experience right. For interactive areas like the new checkout flow and the new guided shopping experience, prototypes were developed to test and review with the team. This process enabled the design of full page mockups go fairly quickly.

A selection of wireframes, used to work out layout and interactive details

The design

While the designs are definitely in the "automotive" zone, I focused on ensuring that they are simple, effective, and easy to use. Here are some screens from the new design:

Project results

Working together with the RideStyler product team, we created a brand new mobile-friendly design that adds functionality for users and businesses. Here are some project highlights:

  • Created a new, mobile-friendly design — The new design is responsive and takes a non-invasive approach to incorporating value-add features and content
  • Designed guided user experiences — Whether finding the right wheel based on a customer's preferences or finding the right tire based on a customer's vehicle and selected wheel, there are several guided experiences to to give users a head start in finding what they need
  • Added new functionality — Customers can now choose to pay via alternate payment methods and businesses now have tools in place to promote products, services, and other marketing information in context sensitive places