Booz Allen Hamilton

Booz Allen Hamilton employs thousands of management and information technology consultants around the globe. The HR team at Booz Allen Hamilton wanted to create a digital system to more effectively match applicants to the myriad of unique opportunities.

Incorporating features from a manual and printed process, I designed a personalized experience to help users discover opportunities that align with their skills, goals, and interests.

Product Design, Brand, Front-end Development, Strategy


In 2019 Porsche released their first fully electric vehicle, the Taycan. To mark the occasion a launch event was held to unveil the new vehicle to the company. For this launch Porsche wanted to create an app to provide interactive features, multimedia, and vehicle specs.

I designed an iPhone/iPad app with a goal of reflecting the excitement about the Taycan while introducing users to details about the groundbreaking new vehicle.

Product Design, Front-end Development